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Our Story

Fiddlefigg AKC Chihuahuas started with two outstanding dogs:

Fiddle and Figg.


Each dog has traits I want to build off of for future generations of healthy, happy, and beautiful chihuahuas.


I grew up with dogs that had a merle pattern and have always loved it. Until I found Salem's Finest AKC Chihuahua's in Salem, Oregon I had never found a merle chihuahua breeder that I trusted. By having health testing readily available on her site for each dog, transparency about the pros and cons of the breed, and her dedication of making the right decision for each puppy and client, I felt comfortable working with her as my breeder. SFC helped me combine my childhood memories with my city-living lifestyle in the form of a healthy, happy, AKC merle chihuahua named Figg.


After developing this relationship with Britanie Rains of SFC she agreed to take me on as a mentee. This was huge news! I was honored and excited to steward the lines she has developed. With her continued mentorship I plan to slowly build my own. My goal is to breed healthy, happy, AKC Chihuahuas that can perform in the conformation ring or compete in sports, all while being the the loyal, loving, and funny companion dog they were bred to be.

The AKC's website says it well, "Breeding dogs has been a passion for people through many centuries. Part art, part science, and total devotion, breeding will show you all the best in the human-and-dog [and human-and-human] bond. It is exciting and challenging."


I take my responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of each animal. Every breeding dog at Fiddlefigg AKC Chihuahuas has been health tested for over 207 genetic health conditions and traits. This does not erase the need for routine vet health screening but it does help detect any conditions that could manifest later in life. All dogs live in the home with the owner, Christin, and enjoy life to the fullest, including but not limited to, home cooked meals, park visits, walks and lots of snuggles.

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