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SFC's Littler Kewl Stuff
Cypress Hill

Bred by Salem's Finest Chihuahuas.
Co-owned by Salem's Finest Chihuahuas and Fiddlefigg Chihuahuas. Upon show completion he will return to SFC!

Cypress is a 3rd generation of SFC.

Smooth Coat, Black and Tan Spotted on White

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Embark Profile:

Genetic health categories: 

clear; view results here, click on "health" tab.

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Sonja x Oz at SFC

(click their names to see their Embark summaries.)

Sonja CHIC ID: 168846 (number links to summary)

Oz CHIC ID: 168842 (number links to summary)

No Fiddlefiggs are currently available!

Breeding season should arrive in March 2023. Any litters would be expected in May 2023

The Planned Litters page will be updated with our 2023 plans (though they are always subject to change)! Please check back and subscribe to the site for the most up-to-date information.


Nov. 22,


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