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 Chihuahuas from
coast to coast

Born out of a love for Chihuahuas, a deep bond of mutual regard, and a rigor for excellence in all aspects affecting dog breeding programs—including but not limited to, heath testing, genetic screening, client experience and education, general awareness resources, participation in AKC dog sports, safe and reliable distribution methods (ex. pet nannies), up-to-date reproduction medicine and research, modern breeding techniques, current whelping protocols, and industry standard preventative puppy care—Salem's Finest Chihuahuas has bridged with Fiddlefigg Chihuahuas as sisters.


Click here to visit Salem's Finest Chihuahuas, located in Salem, Oregon.

Both programs ship nationally but if you live closer to one location or the other and the puppy you apply and are approved for is there, you can do a local pick-up, potentially saving on shipping.

Some clients use the pick-up as a good reason to take a road trip, so, while not saving money, maybe making additional memories and special experiences.

What does that mean, really?

It means options, and an increased base of knowledge and expertise for new and existing clients. Instead of their being just one program operating at the level of excellence SFC clients have come to expect, there are now two.


Sister Programs mean increased pick-up and shipping options based on where you live, as well as, increased variety of available puppies, young adults, and retired adults—again at our level of care and quality*—at any given time.


Fiddlefigg Chihuahuas has been able to bring AKC dog sports (conformation only at present, but will be looking into scent work trials) to the table and can serve as a resource for anyone interested in competing as well.  

*Fiddlefigg Chihuahuas was mentored and trained to follow these protocols and procedures established by Salem's Finest Chihuahuas: ​Each puppy is raised with puppy culture philosophy, will receive first vaccines, and have dewclaws removed. Each puppy and puppy client will have lifetime breeder support. Puppy will go home with a gift bag of treats and toys, one month of free pet insurance provided by Trupanion, and a folder including their 6-week wellness exam documentation, personal health file started from birth, and the signed client contract stating AKC paper release details, as well as the initialed acknowledgement that SFC + FF will always, no exceptions, take a puppy or dog back, even paying travel if needed.

This bridging of programs as sisters is part of what makes our programs pioneers, and not only for excellence in dog breeding, but in research and development of the field. Breeding is an art and a science, as well as, admittedly, a general roll of the dice for every recombination of genes that results into a precious puppy. Breeding is also a massive citizen's science. Each client takes a part of our ongoing work. Our clients are our best link to how our choices are impacting our lines over time and we value the information and relationship greatly. Our goal is to create healthy companions that live as long as possible with a full quality of life. 

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