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SFC'S Holiday Figg

Long Coat, Chocolate Merle with Tan

AKC Registered, view pedigree here

11 months old

current weight: 4lb 4 oz 

birth weight: 4.35 oz 

+ + +

Embark Profile:

Genetic health categories: 

clear; view results here, click on "health" tab.

OFA Exams: 

Not yet completed; will be evaluated after August 12, 2021.


Both of Figg's parents have cleared their genetic health tests as well as their heart and patella OFA exams.

Color genetics:

EE/kyky/atat /DD/bb/SS/Mm/TT

+ + +


Sonora x Holden at SFC

Again, both are clear in all genetic health tests and have passed their heart and patella OFA exams. 

SFC's Holiday Figg

Figg is 13 months old, has cleared his Embark genetic health testing and his OFA exams for eyes, heart and patellas. Once this information is processed and made digital I will be sharing his records on his profile. Both his dam and sire have passed their OFA exams and can be available for clients.

Figg is currently 4lbs 4oz and was born weighing 4.35 oz. He is an energetic, extremely friendly, and affectionate chihuahua. I am often told Figg is the first chihuahua a person has ever met and liked; his temperament is exceptional. Not only does he have a winning personality his conformation is wonderful. He has a beautfully domed apple shaped head, tight muzzle, upright ears, strong pasterns an overall balanced stature. 


Figg is very smart and willing to please. He will alert bark and sometimes be vocal when he wants something but on walks, while shopping in public, or with family he is very quiet. 

Figg will be part of my own breeding program, however, I am waiting on a female from from one of my breeders to be his mate. Once she arrives she will have to be evaluated. In the meantime, he is available for stud service to approved clients.


July 17,


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