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Fiddlefigg Chihuahuas
CH Fiddlefigg's Holiday Figg

 2023 & 2024 
Westminster Exhibitor  

champion chihuahua puppies

Fiddlefigg AKC Chihuahuas began with
two outstanding dogs: Fiddle & Figg

Each dog has excellent traits for future generations of healthy, happy, and beautiful chihuahuas.

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chihuahua puppies

More About Our Pets

healthy | happy | beautiful

Every breeding dog at Fiddlefigg AKC Chihuahuas has been selected for their health, temperament and adherence to the AKC standard. All parents are health tested for over 207 genetic health conditions and traits.


This does not erase the need for routine vet health screening but it does help detect any conditions that could manifest later in life.


All dogs live in the home with owner, Christin, and enjoy life to the fullest, including but not limited to home cooked meals, park visits, walks and lots of snuggles.

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May 24, 2024

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