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Now Showing!

For Fiddlefigg AKC Chihuahuas, showing is about self-improvement, bonding, honing skills, and having fun together.

See results, videos, and photos below!

The American Kennel Club® was established in 1884 to promote the study, breeding, exhibiting and advancement of purebred dogs. An AKC show's purpose is to evaluate breeding stock against the breed standard. Each breed has a standard. Click here to see the Chihuahua standard.

Next shows:

May 9th, 2023 | New York, New York

147th Westminster Dog Show

Up and Coming

Below are our future show hopefuls!
Profile information including the breeder are listed with each prospect.

At this moment we are working on our next show prospect. In the meantime CH Figg will return to the ring to compete as a Special!


Show Recaps:


June 3-5

Concord, N.C. | Figg completed his championship!!! He won a 3pt major, and two single points.


April 23-24

The Myrtle Beach Kennel Club show was held in Lumberton, NC.  Figg won a 4 pt major including a champion defeat!


March 9-13
Tarheel Cluster, Raleigh, N.C.

Figg, Fiddle, Felix, and Fable all competed and did great. Figg earned a 4 point major for a total of 6 points that week. 

FIRST SHOW: Winston-Salem, NC | Nov. 13-14, 2021

Saturday, Nov. 13 we had Dr. Vandra L. Huber as our judge and, Sunday, Nov. 14 we had Ms. Joy S. Brewster.


Figg was in the long coat, 12–18 mos old dog class, and on November 14 won his class. He went on to be the Reserve Winners Dog in a class of four!


Fiddle was in the smooth coat, 6–9 mos old puppy bitch class and won both days!


Felix was in the long coat, 6–9 mos old puppy dog class with one competitor. Both days Felix won his class!

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July 9, 2024

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