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Baseline pricing starts at $2,500 and can range to $5,500. 

This baseline price reflects the skill sets needed to successfully and intentionally breed healthy chihuahuas at the level of quality that can bring a competitive edge in the conformation ring, agility course, and/or field trials. These skill sets include, but are not limited to:


  • Competency with basic genetics—what are the health implications between a certain pair? What physical aspects are possible and does it fulfill any particular goal?

  • An intimate understanding of breeding lineswhat are the positive and negative attributes of each dog and it's lineage? What are the family patterns? What are the goals and expected outcomes of the planned pairing? Has there been a similar litter and what were the outcomes?

  • Modern breeding knowledge and techniques

  • Up-to-date reproduction medicine

  • Care of expecting moms

  • Whelping techniques and emergency procedures—ability to cut umbilical cords to prevent newborn hernias, attention to afterbirth, recording of time and vitals, ability to assist with breech or transverse puppies, ability to assist puppies and mom if a gestational sac bursts, and life saving procedures to unresponsive puppies, to name a few.

  • Puppy care—from birth to them leaving my care every stage has it's own set of hurdles. At birth if a puppy is rejected or can't latch you must be able to tube feed the newborn(s) for at least three weeks, and sometimes more. You have to be careful of aspiration and causing pneumonia. Sometimes an incubator is needed if the mom is aggressive (I give mom's two litters to show me their maternal abilities before making a decision). Before day three I remove dewclaws. I weigh and monitor them daily, sanitize their apartments, etc. Puppies are raised with puppy culture methods, I administer vaccines, worming meds, take them to our vet for their 6 week wellness exam, and microchip them before they go home. All of this health information is recorded in their personal Canine Health Record and will be in their go-home folder.

  • Postpartum care of moms—this ranges from diet to worming and consideration of safety for newborns.

  • Knowledge and experience in showing conformation 

  • Ability to distill relative information and share with others in a way (conversations, info graphics, videos, etc) that creates community and lasting relationships.


The puppy in front of you represents hours of love and labor, constant research, countless conversations between peers, and strong community relationships. These puppies are products of my life and I'm happy and grateful to be able to share them with others.

+ + +

note: I love what I do and I hope the above gives some understanding into what some will deem "too high a price for a puppy". I'm not tallying up what a puppy is "worth," I am compensating myself for the skill, expertise, and time it takes to own and operate a breeding program like Fiddlefigg Chihuahuas. I am not a casual breeder, I am breeding to improve and to raise the standard of how breeders operate and present.

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Process: Individual puppy prices will be listed as puppies are added to the "Available Puppies" page. Prices are subject to change as a puppy develops.


Deposits are non-refundable.

I will email you an invoice, and puppy contract once we have verbally agreed on a placement.


Non-refundable deposits are processed through a Quickbooks invoice with the option of an ACH deposit (1% up to $10 max fee) or Credit Card (3% fee).

Once the non-refundable deposit is paid, the puppy and advertised price are guaranteed. If you choose a different puppy, your deposit will be transferred for a $250 processing fee.*

* This rarely occurs because adequate time is spent with each client; however, if a change of mind occurs, it will not be a problem. Life happens, and people's minds change, but it does result in more paperwork, which is what the $250 fee covers.

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July 9, 2024

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