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Available Adults

If you are interested in any available adult you must fill out a puppy application here.

Only those who have filled out the application in its entirety with sufficient information will be considered. Emails or messages asking "how much" or "so cute, I want one" under no circumstances qualify as sufficient and will not receive a response.
No adults are currently available. 
Check back or send a message to inquire about any upcoming retirees.
previously placed adults and their new family
SFC's Felix Wasabi Felicis
chocolate and tan long hair akc chihuahua
chocolate and tan long coat akc chihuahua
chocolate and tan long coat akc chihuahua

This was a really hard decision. A breeding home is not suited to every dog, and sweet Felix needs a pet home. He is very affectionate and attentive to his family. Felix is athletic (he would excel as a sport or trail dog), though, he is also happy simply being a couch donut while you watch TV. He is food motivated, has a great appetite, no allergies, consistently has firm stools, perfect teeth and is watchful of the home (you will never be snuck up on!). He has done well with pet sitters while I was out of town (eats his food, loves any sitter, has regular potty reactions, a.k.a. no GI stress issues) and in general is just a wonderful dog.

He is CHIC IDed (his eyes, heart, and knees pass as normal with the national organization Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), has a clear Embark (no genetic diseases), and registered with the AKC. All tests and registration will be transferred to his new owner. He has been shown at AKC conformation events, met horses, big dogs, little dogs, kitty cats, and children with little to no issues. He rides in the car quietly and flew like a champ across country. He is a very well rounded little dog.


If you are interested in Felix please apply here. He will have a rehoming fee of $750 (if you need shipping that would be separate), will come neutered, up-to-date on all shots, wellness checked, and a take home goodie bag.

chocolate and tan long coat akc chihuahua

Sex: Male

Coat Length: Long Coat

Color: Chocolate and tan 

Weight: 7lbs 4oz 

Birthday: March 17, 2021

Estimated release date: After September 22nd

Status: Placed!

Rehoming fee: $750, firm.

Shipping via pet nanny for an additional fee (generally $500-700) is available to most locations. I will also meet clients at Raleigh-Durham International (RDU), in Raleigh, NC.

+ + +

Embark Profile:

Genetic health categories: 

clear; view results here, click on "health" tab.

note: You will see Felix has one copy of a variant associated with reduced ALT activity. All this means is his "normal" may be low and is purely diagnostic info for the vet.  

CHIC Certification:


OFA Certifications:


Sophia* x Rhys at SFC

Both are clear in all genetic health tests and have passed their heart and patella OFA exams.

*Sophia is now happily retired.


June 11, 2024

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