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Future Hopefuls

Puppies on this page are under observation for our breeding program and/or are being considered as show prospects. Once they have been fully vetted and confirmed as suitable for breeding they will be moved to the Mamas and Papas page.

Why observe them versus immediately incorporating them into breeding plans? Why take the risk of raising them if there is a chance they wont pass? Dog breeding is a science, an art, and an exercise in managing risk. There is no way to know with 100% certainty how a puppy will develop until they do. Despite careful pairings and all the information gleaned via testing, puppies can still develop differently than expected (
temperament, health, conformation) and end up being better suited for a pet home. In the event that happens, and are owned by Fiddlefigg Chihuahuas, they would go through the same adoption process of any puppy born into our care.

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